Transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM)

Advanced but gentle transanal procedure for rectal tumors.


Benign adenomas are the main indication. Superficial rectal cancer (T1) is an other indication, and the procedure may even be performed for T2 cancer in fragile individuals who cannot tolerate abdominal surgery.


The intervention is carried out after bowel preparation and in anesthesia with muscle relaxation. Special positioning is required. A large bore rectoscope and a special stereooptical instrument are used to excise the tumor radically with good precision and hemostasis. The defect is usually sutured.


Patients are admitted the day before surgery for bowel preparation, and discharged 1-2 days postoperatively.


Rectoscopy is performed four times yearly initially, and then less frequently. The cancer is also followed with CAT scans for five years.

Diagnostic methods

Rectoscopy and coloscopy

Endorectal ultrasound is desirable, and will be acquired by the unit.

MR of the pelvis and CAT scan of the thorax and abdomen for suspected or diagnosed cancer

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