Parathyroid surgery - hyperparathyroidism (HPT)


This surgery is similar to the procedure used for thyroid surgery, with mandatory atraumatic technique in order to avoid nerve damage.


Confirmed primary hyperparathyroidism with elevated calcium and parathormone levels (PHT).

Osteoporosis, kidney stones, or secondary hyperthroidism in connection with advanced kidney disease requiring dialysis.


If an adenoma is found (one of four parathyroid glands), it is removed and a biopsy is taken from another gland. If all four glands are diseased (hyperplasia), gland tissue corresponding to one normal gland is left behind. All parathyroid tissue can be removed for secondary HPT (hyperplasia), and a suitable amount of the least macroscopically altered tissue can be transplanted to a muscle in the arm or leg.


Postoperative care for 2 days or more. In cases of secondary hyperthyroidism, a longer inpatient stay is often required (for dialysis). These patients are often followed at a renal medicine unit.


Follow-up takes place at the Department of Surgery 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Examination techniques

Medical work-up

Supplementary investigation at the Department of Surgery as needed 

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