Stenosis of the airway

The department of otolaryngology accepts patients with both benign and malignant stenosis of the airway. We have broad competence and access to several different treatment modalities for an optimal management of individual patients.

Benign stenosis

Can be treated with lasers, dilatations, surgery or stents if they affect breathing capacity and restrict the patients every day life.

Malignant stenosis

Are treated according the the process chart below. The department has several surgeons that independently carry out treatments with lasers and stents. Intraluminal radiotherapy is carried out in collaboration with the department of oncology. Treatments are performed during office hours. For other times please contact our physician on call for a discussion.

Images before and after treatment of a tumor in the trachea

Before treatment           After treatment

In the upper part of the image a catheter is seen that is used in HFPPV (High Frequency Positive Pressure Ventilation)  

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