Bone anchored hearing aid

BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid)


Using an atraumatic technique, a titanium fixture is placed in the bone behind the ear. This fixture will become integrated with the bone. By connecting a hearing aid to the fixture, vibrations will be transferred to the hearing organ via the skull bone with small losses. This type of hearing aid will work even if the patient does not have a middle ear or ear canal, and can be used in situations when the ear canal cannot tolerate an ear plug.


  1. All types of conductive hearing loss:
    - Atresia of the ear canal.
    - Chronic otitis where reconstructive surgery is not possible or suitable.
  2. Sensorineural hearing loss and external otitis caused by the hearing aid plug.
  3. Deafness on one side (to improve directional hearing).

Additional information

The procedure can be carried out as day surgery. Because the surrounding tissue must be reduced in order to split the skin and periosteum, two or three follow-up visits are required for wound treatment. The referring practitioner should state whether they wish to take care of the wound treatment and/or the fitting of the hearing aid themselves. 

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