Allergy provocation tests and drug provocations


The Department of Otolaryngology engages in broad allergy activities, including drug provocations.


After a careful history, a skin prick test is carried out, sometimes using various dilutions of the test substance/allergen. Next, a provocation is performed orally or parenterally, usually in 2-3 steps. In some cases the parenteral provocation is carried out in our postoperative ward with the help of personnel from the anesthesiology department.


Indications are suspicion of an allergic reaction against:

  1. Local anesthetics.
  2. Antibiotics.
  3. Other drugs (insulin, painkillers*, and so on).

The basic concept is to exclude a possible allergy. If there is a strong suspicion of an anaphylaxis, we are restrictive with provocations.

* For a suspected ASA intolerance, an inhalation provocation is carried out at the Department of Pulmonology. 

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