Occupational and Environmental Medicine


Evaluation of connections between disease/symptoms and occupational or environmental exposures.


Specialist physicians, occupational hygienists, psychologists, environmental nurses, and ergonomists. Separate laboratory for environmental studies and advanced chemical analysis.

The department’s occupational and environmental knowledge is a prerequisite for evaluation of connections between disease and previous exposures.


Diseases/symptoms that can be caused or worsened by occupational or environmental exposures; for example, airway or lung diseases, vibration damage, malignant diseases, and stress-related fatigue. The exceptions are skin problems, which are always managed by the Department of Dermatology, and noise damage, which is managed by the Department of Audiology.

Treatment results

The aim of the investigation is to identify dangerous environmental factors, to prevent these factors where necessary, and to reduce the effects of exposure for especially sensitive individuals.

Waiting times

Less than 1 month.


When there is a suspicion that disease/symptoms are caused by occupational or environmental factors and this cannot be managed by local physicians. 

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