Autologous stem cell transplantation


Harvesting of the patient’s own blood stem cells for quality control and storage is followed by high dosage treatment with chemotherapeutics and replacement of the harvested (=autologous) stem cells. The harvesting and transplantation is carried out after initial treatment with chemotherapeutics at the referring department.


Myeloma in patients under 65 as a primary therapy for different types of malignant lymphomas in various stages.

Treatment results

Myeloma - very good. No treatment mortality after 17 years of treatments. Autologous stem cell transplantation for myeloma is unfortunately not curative, but the treatment can be repeated once or twice.

Lymphoma - an evaluation is ongoing at the Department of Oncology.

Waiting times

Waiting times are very short: weeks up to a month. The planning of harvest and autologous stem cell transplantation often starts when the primary treatment at the referring department is initiated.



Evaluation by a specialized dentist is recommended before autologous stem cell transplantation, as it is useful to know whether there are potential foci of infection  in the oral cavity. 

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