Capsule endoscopy


Capsule endoscopy is a diagnostic examination in which a small capsule (11x26 mm, weight less than 4 g) with a camera is used to examine the mucosa of the small intestine. As it moves through the gut, it takes two images per second. The passage time varies from 2 hours to (more commonly) 6-8 hours. The images are sent to a receiver attached to the patient’s waist and then transferred to a computer. This procedure is not carried out on pregnant women.

Indications and treatments

Unclear gastrointestinal bleeding where gastroscopy and coloscopy have not revealed the source of the bleeding. Unexplained symptoms in Crohn'patients with known Crohn’s disease with negative findings. Clinical suspicion of Crohn's disease with a normal MR or CAT scan of the small intestine. Tumor diagnosis.

Waiting time

The waiting time is 2-3 weeks. If needed, the examination can be carried out within 1–2 days. Contact us at +46 (0)19 602 18 79. A answer can be expected after 1-2 weeks.


Patients should come to the endoscopy unit at 07.00 on the day of the examination and be fasting since 22.00 the day before.

Insulin-treated diabetics should take a morning dose as prescribed by their regular physician.

The day before the examination only fluids can be taken after 12.00 noon. In the evening the patient should drink 1 liter Laxabon (a laxative). One hour before the examination the patient should take 250 mg Erymax (erythromycine), in order to increase peristalsis. The tablet is mailed with the patient information letter.

Patient information

Patient information is mailed together with the time for the appointment.

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