Treatment of involuntary childlessness maintains high quality standard

The Fertility Unit at Örebro University Hospital (USÖ) specializes in work-up and treatment of involuntary childlessness. As a result of the unit's comprehensive efforts to qualify for quality standard ISO 9001:2008 *, our services have now been approved and certified by the quality auditor Det Norske Veritas. 

“This certification means that fertility services have undergone an objective review, which shows that USÖ offers extremely high-quality work-up and treatment of involuntary childlessness,” says Michael Lood, head physician at the fertility unit. 

The quality management system formulated by the Fertility Unit not only ensures quality of care, but also helps to reduce risks and prevent treatment errors. 

“Health care must always stay one step ahead in order to avoid mistakes,” continues Dr. Lood.  “We can’t afford any incidents due to poor management that could adversely affect our patients.  Certification helps us to provide continual quality assurance which will ultimately contribute to a better treatment of infertility while further developing our services.  In the long term, this will contribute to better treatment of involuntary childlessness.” 

* The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) works with quality management in several areas, including health care. Such quality management involves techniques and methods that govern how an organization should lead, manage, and develop the overall quality of its activities.

Page revised Thursday, April 7, 2011

Content manager: Mikael Lood

Published by Anita Pettersson