The Department of Urology can educate specialist in Europe

The Department of Urology is the only urology department in Sweden that has received an EBU accreditation for education of specialists from all countries in Europe.

Good quality of education

The accreditation is a clear sign that our department has an excellent educational program, and puts our department on the European map.

High score

The EBU evaluation gave a score of 15 out of 18 possible points, which is a very good result. It shows that the department has good tuition, a broad scope of clinical activities, and good research.

EBU (the European Board of Urology) is the European version of SPUR (organization for supervision of the education of young physicians). Our EBU accreditation is valid for 5 years for training of urologists. The accreditation allows physicians from all of Europe to come to our department for training to become a specialist in urology. It is possible to study for a full certification as urologist, or to take individual courses in special areas such as endourology, stricture and implantation surgery, or treatment of penis and bladder cancer. A EBU exam is valid in Europe. 

Page revised Thursday, April 7, 2011

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