Department of Surgery

Department of Surgery

The Department of Surgery is responsible for all types of surgery within its primary catchment area, more specialized surgery for the entire county, and some highly specialized treatments for the Örebro-Uppsala region.

The department has 52 beds in ward 29, 54 beds in ward 39, and eight beds in the ward for emergency patients (AVA).

The department has 180-190 employees, including 24 specialists and five surgeons in training positions.

Our highly specialized areas are vascular surgery, which is dominated by endovascular treatments, and obesity surgery. We are currently concentrating on the development of endovascular and combined vascular surgery (hybrid procedures).

Our research focus is on these highly specialized areas, epidemiological breast cancer studies, the development of treatments for rectal cancer, and metabolism and inflammation in connection with surgical disease and surgical procedures.

The department is well connected via a professorship at Örebro University.

Best aneurysm treatment in Sweden

The vascular surgeons at Örebro University Hospital have excellent results in the treatment of aortic aneurysms, both emergency and planned procedures. At our hospital, 95% of all patients can be treated using the endovascular technique. The intervention is gentle, and can contribute to better results. Mortality has decreased from 40% to 10%, which is a medical revolution. 

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Head of Department

Göran Wallin

Breast-, endocrinology unit

Unit head
Leszek Kulalski

Phone:+46 19 602 12 26

Colo-rectal unit

Unit head

Magnus Andersson

+46 19 602 22 69

Vascular unit

Unit head

Thomas Larzon

+46 19 602 22 66

Nurse clinic:

Monica Svensson and Lena Kämpe

+46 19 602 15 61

Upper gastro unit

Unit head

Göran Ågren

+46 19 602 22 63