Department of Orthopedics

The goal of the Department of Orthopedics is to offer specialized orthopedic surgery in a good work environment with a good quality as determined by patients, and with results that compare favorably to the best in the country.

We have a specialized knowledge of treating certain types of fractures, and this means that we have the responsibility to take care of these fractures from our regional catchment area. We have 18,000 out-patient visits every year as well as 3,000 surgical procedures. We also take 2,000 in-patients every year. We have physicians on call 24/7.

We participate in seven national quality registries, a number of which measure both medical results and the quality of the results as experienced by the patient.

Highly specialized care

We carry out most procedures in shoulder surgery, but focus on a few unusual highly specialized areas where centralized care can be beneficial. Our experience and knowledge are disseminated further via collaboration with colleagues in our regional catchment area.

Research collaboration

We have a close collaboration with pathologists and specialists in the Biomedicine at Örebro University Hospital. We are establishing methods to identify the immune defense mechanisms that cause inflammation in tendons. 

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