Department of Hand Surgery

The Department of Hand Surgery

The Department of Hand Surgery has 35 employees, including six specialists in hand surgery and three physicians in training. Our ward has six beds available during the week, and two on weekends and holidays that are shared with the Department of Urology.

We have our own office with a surgical theater and a surgical suite.

In 2006, our department carried out 2100 procedures and 8800 outpatient visits. Our own occupational therapists and physiotherapists carried out 6000 visits.

We treat patients with traumatic wounds and certain hand diseases, with the aim of achieving optimal function. All types of hand surgery are performed, but the focus is on highly specialized hand surgery.

Occupational therapy and physiotherapy form a large part of our activities.


  • Rheumatic surgery
  • CP/tetraplegia surgery
  • Endoprosthesis surgery in wrists and finger joints
  • Advanced arthroscopy
  • Surgery for congenital defects


  • Endoprosthesis surgery
  • Postoperative pain management
  • Muscle physiology 

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