Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Our goal is good health in a good environment in the counties of Värmland, Västmanland, Södermanland, and Örebro, with a focus on the work environment, the housing environment, and the external environment. We investigate the importance of environmental factors in our patients’ diseases and ailments, and manage almost all queries regarding environment and health, even those which might be considered environmentally sensitive. Questions regarding skin diseases and noise damage are managed by the Departments of Dermatology and Audiology respectively.

Regular referral from the DUST region

A regular referral is sufficient, because the department is part of the health care system in four counties. Letters of acknowledgement are mailed to the referring physician. All work-ups are free for the referring physician.

Basic work-up required

Apart from a question regarding occupation or environment, the referral should contain information on any medical examinations that have been carried out. A basic medical work-up should be carried out before the patient is referred to us.

External referrals are also accepted and charged

We accept referrals from Försäkringskassan and other medical insurers; these investigations are charged to the referring person. We also accept referrals from other hospitals, and these are also charged.

We aim to finish within three months

Our aim is to finish our investigations within three months of receiving the referral. If additional medical investigations are necessary, they might take longer.

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