Department of Dermatology

The Department of Dermatology has 30 employees, 10 of which are physicians. We have a broad activity within the specialty. The department has its own inpatient beds, and has staff on-call until 7 pm daily including weekends and holidays.

The department manages about 7000 out-patients per year including out-patient surgery. The STD clinic has 3000 visits/year. The STD clinic has experience of the full spectrum of STD diseases, and comprehensive infection tracking is carried out.

We have a highly specialized occupational dermatology unit with an engineer and access to a social worker, and we can offer individualized work-ups and tests for in-depth analysis of contact allergies and occupational dermatology cases.

We also have a successful laser dermatologic activity and we have experience with YAG, CO2, VPW, and dye lasers. The department has long experience of treating children with lasers under general anesthesia. 

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Laser treatments


Unit secretary for laser treatments

Phone: +46 (0)19 602 10 46

Unit head

Jeanette Gunther


Kim Järlström

Laser unit physicians

Maria Palmetun-Ekbäck

Liselott Willen

Jalal Salih

Patients are welcome to contact Nure Maggan

Phone: +46 (0)19 602 27 80