Nine out of ten referring physicians are satisfied with our highly specialized care

Örebro University Hospital aims to be a good collaborating partner and supplier of highly specialized care. The opinions of our referring physicians are therefore of great importance for the development of our services. During 2009, we carried out an extensive survey which showed that nine out of ten referring specialists within the Uppsala-Örebro region were very satisfied with the highly specialized care at Örebro University Hospital.

- The results are very positive, both for us and for those who use our highly specialized care, says hospital director Jan Olsson. This indicates that there is great confidence in the medical interventions carried out at Örebro University Hospital, and we intend to protect and further develop this. The viewpoints of the referring physicians have been noted, and we have already begun working to satisfy the needs and preferences expressed in the study.

Follow-up of previous viewpoints

At the beginning of 2006, we carried out an initial survey aimed at those who decided to refer patients to our hospital. Improvements were then made, and in January and February 2009 the survey was repeated as a follow-up and to once again ask the referring physicians for their opinions on our highly specialized care.

Referring regional hospitals have their say

The 2009 study started with ten interviews carried out at five hospitals: Karlstad, Falun, Eskilstuna, Gävle, and Västerås. In total, 45 representatives of the different departments, administrations, and financial divisions were interviewed to elicit their ideas for improvements that could make Orebro University Hospital an even better collaboration partner. In all cases, the interviewed individuals were chosen by the referring hospitals. After the interviews, 118 individuals answered a questionnaire with background and relationship questions, and they were asked to organize the suggested improvements according to importance. By this means, our collaboration partners have been given a large role in the continued development of our highly specialized care.

Medical quality and a good climate for collaboration

The amalgamated result shows that Örebro University Hospital once again gets high marks for medical competence and care, but also points out concrete areas for improvement: better clarity in invoices, more skills support, and the provision of more information to the referring physicians. It is important for the hospital to react quickly to this input. Several departments have already started to improve their discharge notes and to improve their routines for physicians in training.

- In parallel with our medical development, we also want to develop a good collaboration climate with the hospitals in the region. The  customer relationship survey is very important for Örebro University Hospital, as it helps us develop our highly specialized care into a form that satisfies the requirements of our collaboration partners, says Inger Dedorsson, division head and supervisor for highly specialized care. With this help, we can develop our care and make it more effective for all patients.

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